**Unfortunately, due to a large number of people not showing up for their appointments and not contacting us to cancel or rebook, we are going to have to implement a ‘no show’ policy.**
We understand that sometimes life happens; and if you give us a call to let us know what is going on and why you need to cancel or reschedule, that is fine.  However, since we have to pay people to be here for every appointment, if people simply do not show up without any communication, we will be charging 50% of that appointment cost.  If you are booked with the RMT, you will be billed personally as we are not able to bill that cost to your insurance company.
We are very sorry to have to bring in such a policy, however employees need to be paid and we often have people waiting for appointments that could be called in if we are made aware that somebody cannot make theirs.
Thank you for your understanding and all the team members at Arreter wish you a wonderful 2018!