Beata is a professional artist, mother of 2 (and a half!), and the owner of ArrĂȘter Health & Wellness. She has specialized in natural skin care and deep tissue Swedish massage for 15 years.

Over the years she has enjoyed having the opportunity to teach students at Kosmetae Academy and Sprott-Shaw Community College in Abbotsford, and, more recently, Riverside College here in Mission.

Beata experiences a lot of chronic pain herself and she gets an enormous amount of personal fulfillment from helping others develop their own effective pain management strategies.



Masato is a professional Japanese artist and a gifted healer. He has been practicing traditional Shiatsu massage for over 30 years and Eastern Reiki for almost a decade. He is very dedicated to his practice and is in constant pursuit of further developing his healing techniques.



After struggling with his own life-altering injury, Micah decided he wanted to dedicate his career to helping others on their own road to recovery;.



Harmony’s cheery and open disposition will make you feel as if you’re coming in to visit a good friend and you will leave feeling completely relaxed and cared for.